How to Get More Smoke From Shisha

How to Get More Smoke From Shisha

Typically, shisha is known for its thick smoke. This thick smoke provides fun to its smokers and makes them feel successful. But sometimes, this shisha never creates thick clouds of smoke, which may dishearten its smokers.

Steps For Getting More Smoke From Shisha

Here are the reasonable steps that will help you to make thick smoke of shisha:

1. Add Ice:

Adding ice to the base of your Hookah is a well-known method that may help you increase your shisha’s smoke. The ice cools down the smoke and makes it more smoother and enjoyable. Add ice to the Hookah’s base, which is filled with water.

2. Use a Heat Management System:

Use a heat management system. Using this system, you can control the amount of heat you apply to your hookah bowl. Due to the improved heat management, your exhalations will be dense clouds of smoke in no time. The heat management system is generally easy to use and doesn’t require extensive training for a first-time user. You will continually learn what smoke thickness you prefer by using a heat management system.

3. Dense Pack Method:

The dense pack method usually creates more smoke from your Hookah. In this method, people add more shisha into the hookah bowl because adding more shisha will give you a small amount of smoke. 

4. Change the Hookah Hose:

As we know, all the hookah hoses are different from each other. Some hoses provide more smoke than others. If your Hookah is not providing you with a thick amount of smoke, change the hookah hose with a new one. It will help you create more smoke that will cause pleasure and satisfaction to smokers.

5. Use a Defuser:

Diffusers are used to break down smoke particles as they pass through the stem into the water at the bottom of hookahs. The water will efficiently filter out the smoke by using this device. It will make your hookah session more enjoyable because the airflow will be smoother. Additionally, increased airflow will help increase the amount of smoke produced.

Dos For Thicker Smoke:

  • Use Quality Material for your Hookah.
  • Check the connected parts of your Hookah, like the pipe and the hose to hose port, and purge and bowl connection before using it.
  • Check the proper density packing of tobacco; it will help you make thick smoke.

Don’t For Thick Smoke

  • Adding milk to your Hookah and considering that it will thicken your hookah smoke is stupidity. Yes, milk is good for bones, but it is bad for your Hookah because adding milk to Hookah will reduce your breathing.
  • Adding ice to the hookah base will destroy the flavor of your Hookah.

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