How To Choose the Right Shisha Coal

How To Choose the Best Shisha Coal

Selecting good shisha coal is essential for a relaxing and enjoyable hookah experience. Choosing which coal is best for your needs becomes challenging because of the wide range of coals in the market. In this guide, we will walk you through the factors of how to choose the suitable shisha coal to ensure an enjoyable and safe smoking session.

Types of Coals

There are five shisha coal types:

Natural Coals:

Natural coal is the suggested choice for many hookah experts due to its natural composition and longer-lasting heat. It is made from pressed coconut shells or bamboo, which provides a clean and fantastic flavour to the shisha. Natural coals need a charcoal burner or a heat source like a gas stove to kindle properly. They take a longer time to light compared to quick-light coals, but the effort is worth it for the enhanced flavour and extended smoking session.

Quick-Light Coals:

Quick-light coal, also known as instant-light coal, is a popular choice for those who seek comfort and ease of use. These coals are generally filled with chemicals that aid in quick Kindle using a lighter or match. QWhile they offer a faster lighting process, they may produce a slight chemical taste that could affect the overall flavour of the shisha. Let the coal burn for a few moments after lighting, which is essential to ensure any residual chemicals dissipate before placing it in the shisha bowl.

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Wood Charcoal:

Wood charcoal is a traditional option for hookah sessions. This product is made by burning charred wood in a low-oxygen environment.

Wood charcoal provides a natural and authentic flavour to the shisha. It requires a charcoal burner or a heat source like a gas stove to ignite correctly. Wood charcoal burns at a steady pace and offers a more extended smoking session.

Light Charcoal:

Light charcoal, also known as quick-light charcoal, is a convenient option for hookah enthusiasts. It is infused with chemicals that aid quick ignition, usually using a lighter or match.It provides a faster lighting process but may produce a slight chemical taste. Let the coal burn briefly after lighting is essential to ensure any residual chemicals have dissipated.

Coconut charcoal:

Due to its natural composition, coconut charcoal is popular among hookah enthusiasts. It is made from a compressed coconut shell, offering the shisha a clean and pure flavour. Coconut charcoal requires a charcoal burner or a heat source to ignite correctly. It takes a longer time to light compared to quick-light coals but provides an extended smoking session.

Best Shapes For The Coal

Cube Charcoal:

  • Cube charcoal is a type of charcoal that comes in cube-shaped pieces.
  • It is commonly made from natural materials like coconut shells or bamboo.
  • Cube charcoal is known for its long-lasting heat and slow burn rate.
  • This ensures that the heat is distributed evenly, leading to a smooth smoking experience.
  • Cube charcoal is suitable for both traditional and heat management devices.

Briquette Charcoal:

  • Briquette charcoal is a compressed charcoal, usually made from charcoal dust, binding agents, and fillers.
  • It is widely available and offers a convenient option for hookah sessions.
  • However, it may produce more ash compared to other types of charcoal.
  • It is essential to use high-quality briquette charcoal to ensure a clean and flavorful smoking experience.

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