How To Host a Shisha Party at Home

How To Host a Shisha Party at Home

Hosting a shisha party at home is a fantastic way to enjoy a beautiful, relaxing evening with friends. Perfect preparations and ambience will help you make a unique and memorable shisha night. Here, we provide complete information on how to host a shisha party at home.

Plane Your Shisha Party

Plan your shisha party by following these steps.

Choose The Right Date and Time:

When arranging a party, it is necessary to choose a perfect day and time because most people do some jobs, and it is difficult to manage time for the party during working hours. People like to go to parties at the weekends and spend a more memorable time there, so organize the party at the weekend. Also, consider the weather if it is an outdoor shisha party.

Create a Guest List:

If we arrange a party, we will obviously invite people to make the party enjoyable. When considering how to host a shisha party at home, create a guest list of friends and family and double-check it. Also, the number of guests should be maintained because shisha parties are enjoyable in small to medium-sized gatherings.

Send Invitations:

Send the invitations to your friends and family at least two weeks before the party. In this digital world, you can send your friends a digital message or a simple text to invite them to the party.

Prepare Your Shisha Setup

Prepare your shisha setup by following these steps and make your shisha night unforgettable.

Select Your Shisha:

Select the best quality shisha to make your party more relaxing and tension-free. Ensure that the shisha is free of issues or dirtiness.

Flavours and Tobacco:

Stock up on a variety of shisha flavours to cater to different tastes. Popular choices include apple, cherry, grapes, blueberry, peach, and Chocolate. People also like the combination of mint flavours with these flavours. Explore the Shisha Souq to get a variety of flavours.


Gather all necessary accessories: coals, tongs, foil, grommets, and mouthpieces. For hygiene purposes, ensure you have enough mouthpieces for all your guests.

Create a Perfect Ambiance

Comfortable Seating:

Ensure that the shisha pipes are situated on low tables with comfy cushions. This will create a lounge-like atmosphere where guests can easily relax and interact.


Use soft lights to create a warm and inviting environment. A fairy light, lantern, and candle can add a magical touch to your event.


Create a list of relaxing and comfortable music. When planning to host a hookah party at home, choose genres like chill-out, lounge, or world music to complement the shisha experience.

Setting Up the Shisha

Prepare Shisha:

Proper setup ensures that the shisha will produce thick, flavorful smoke throughout the evening. The downstream should be submerged about an inch under the water in the base. This ensures that smoke is appropriately filtered and cooled. These steps are crucial for preparing guests for a smooth and enjoyable shisha experience.

Light The Coal:

Use a coal burner or stove to light the coals until they are red hot. Place them on the foil and wait for the shisha to heat up.

Test The Shisha:

Take a few test puffs to ensure the shisha is ready and producing good smoke. Adjust the coals as needed to control the heat.

Food and Drinks


Offer a variety of snacks that are easy to eat and share. Think mezze platters, finger foods, and fresh fruit.


Pairing the right drink for the shesha session will enhance the smoker’s taste and enjoyment. Add alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Fresh juice is a refreshing choice to enjoy while smoking a Hookah. Using water with a Hookah will keep you hydrated and never ruin your taste. During a shisha session, black/green mint tea gives you a great taste and experience.

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