Best Drinks to Enjoy With Shisha

Best Drinks to Enjoy With Shisha

Shisha, also known as Hookah, is a way to enjoy while blowing thick clouds of smoke. As a smoker, if you want to make your experience more enjoyable with any drink, search for the best drinks to enjoy with shisha. We suggest the best beverages that will keep you hydrated while using Hookah. So, Let’s begin this informational article.

Top 8 Best Drinks to Enjoy with Shisha

Shisha Souq suggests a variety of drinks to enhance your smoking experience.

1. Hookah & Fresh Juice:

Fresh juice is a refreshing choice to enjoy while having a Hookah. You can take oranges, grapes, apples, mango, pineapple juice with Hookah, and even lemonade to enjoy your shisha session. Why waiting? Mix and match your flavor now.

2. Hookah & Water:

Craving for some liquid with Hookah but finds nothing? Don’t take a worry about it. You can use water. Water is a refreshing suggestion for hookah lovers. You can add anything to the water for a better taste, like lemon, cucumber, etc. Using water with Hookah will keep you hydrated and never ruin your taste.

3. Hookah & Milk:

The combination of Hookah with milk sounds different, but it will be a good experience for smokers drinking cold milk during the hookah session. 

4. Hookah & Black/Green Mint Tea:

The combination of Hookah and black/green mint tea is spreading rapidly. Nowadays, the Middle East and Arabic countries have made this combination a tradition. They sipped black/green mint tea during a shisha session, giving you a great taste and experience.

5. Hookah & Tea:

If a smoker is a tea lover, combining Hookah with tea is a great idea, as this combination of Hookah and tea is spreading rapidly. Nowadays, Middle Eastern and Arabic countries have made this combination a tradition. Taking a sip of tea during a shisha session will give you a great taste and experience.

6. Hookah & Coffee:

Having coffee is a way to keep you awake, and having coffee during the hookah session is a great idea. The use of coffee while smoking will neutralize the taste of Hookah, which will cause more enjoyment, and this combination will also help you to concentrate greatly on your work.

7. Hookah & Wine:

Wine enthusiasts may be interested in pairing their favorite varietals with shisha. While wine can offer complex flavors that complement certain shisha blends, choosing the right type is essential. Opt for lighter wines like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a fruity Rose, as their flavors won’t overpower the delicate nuances of the hookah smoke.

8. Hookah & Beer/Cider:

Beer and cider lovers may also wonder how these beverages pair with shisha. Refreshing beers like lagers or wheat can complement a shisha session’s laid-back atmosphere. Similarly, crisp and fruity ciders can offer a refreshing contrast to the flavors of the hookah smoke.

Enjoy these drinks in restraint; sipping slowly between puffs of shisha will maintain a balance and make it an enjoyable experience.


Pairing the right drink for the shesha session will enhance the taste and enjoyment of the smoker. If you have read the information we have provided above, now you can choose the right drink to enhance your experience. Every drink mentioned above will provide you with a perfect experience.

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