What is The Difference Between Shisha and Hookah?

Difference Between Shisha and Hookah

Typically, hookah and shisha are often taken similarly but these both are different elements with the same smoking materials. In this article, we will help you to understand every single difference between both of these smoking devices. Hookah and shisha both are usually used for smoking while shisha introduces a wide range of flavors with more smoke that provides its smoker with a comfortable smoking experience.

Difference Between Shisha and Hookah


  1. The hookah indicates the entire smoking device, also known as a water pipe or narghile.
  2. It contains a base filled with water, a central shaft, a bowl at the top for holding the tobacco mixture (shisha), and one or more hoses for inhaling the smoke.
  3. The hookah functions by passing charcoal-heated air through the tobacco mixture in the bowl, producing smoke that is filtered through the water in the base before being inhaled through the hoses.


  1. Shisha, on the other hand, especially refers to the flavored tobacco mixture used in the hookah bowl.
  2. Shisha arrives in a wide range of flavors, ranging from traditional options like mint and apple to more exotic choices like mango, peach, or even bubblegum.
  3. The word “shisha” is also used conversely to refer to the entire hookah smoking experience.

Conclusion of The Difference Between Shisha and Hookah:

It’s important to remember that hookah and shisha might seem similar, but they’re different parts of the whole smoking process. The hookah itself is the entire device, while shisha specifically refers to the flavored tobacco mixture that goes in the bowl. Knowing this difference helps both seasoned smokers and newcomers better understand and enjoy the unique experience of smoking hookah.

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